Case Study / New York Festivals

New York Festivals – Complete Revamp

New York Festivals was established in 1957 and has served as one of the ad industry’s premier international advertising award shows; it receives entries from over 70 countries on an annual basis. However, in recent years, NYF began fading in the mindset of their core audience: advertising agencies, top F500 brands, television, film and radio makers. It recently re-established itself and made significant improvements to their competition structure. However this was not enough to establish NYF as the industry leader. With the growth of digital being so significant, their digital strategy and web presence needed an overhaul.


  • Reclaim historical leadership & caché and regain market share
  • Establish a refreshed aura around the brand
  • Build a prestigious web presence that was up to par with users’ expectations
  • Support NYF’s web team to maintain a professional and competitive online presence via a solid, flexible CMS


NYF urgently needed to refine their digital strategy in order to move into the number two position in their market. They needed to regain top of mind status again by becoming an “Inspiration Destination” for creative professionals.We know that Branding can differentiate and elevate the perception of a product in a competitive arena, so we worked with NYF on a new visual design system that would:

  • Convey their distinguished reputation
  • Represent internationalism while also mirroring the quintessential feel of New York City
  • Express professionalism & sophistication that resonates with the ad industry audience


  • Build a web presence that is a source of inspiration and deliver it as a seamless and optimal experience across all digital platforms: Desktop, iPhone, Android, tablet, Mini-iPad, etc. by designing & building a responsive site.
  • Build a CMS solution that fit their content model and would support a flexible, content-rich web presence. Studio Lekker used a Python/Django combination to build a high-performing product that can scale over time.

Design For An Optimum Viewing Experience

The Look On Different Platforms