Studio Lekker created this campaign on behalf of Not only does it show-off these cool cultural cities, it’s oozing with scandal. Using a European exposé TV format as a backdrop, we uncover the truth about Francine Fleiss: “The Husband Collector.” Francine Fleiss is charged with polygamy after it is discovered that she has five husbands. Said to love her men equally, the public believe she is more likely in love with the cities they live in, namely Antwerp, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam and Valencia.

This campaign for online travel site CoolCapitals is a spoof story for online circulation. Francine supporters can go to the website, view her story, leave comments and upload photos of themselves.

Other campaign components besides the microsite were: video posted on KontraBand & YouTube, HTML email blast, banner ads on New York Times, New York Magazine, Gawker to name a few and a FaceBook Fan page for Francine Fleiss.

Work Samples