New York Festivals

Studio Lekker won the pitch to redesign and evolve New York Festivals current website & brand in order to stay competitive in the dynamic landscape of international competitions. Since we understand how pivotal the website experience is for attracting a larger audience and increase submissions we visualized this redesign effort as an opportunity to build a platform for user engagement that will deepen relationships with the brand and each awards event and enable NYF to create the conditions for market leadership.

The newly designed site allows agencies, creatives, jurors and marketing managers to immerse themselves in the NYF brand, aspire to win NYF awards and get excited about the award show. The revamp of the site enhances the brand and build lasting brand value through:

  • A clean, but sophisticated look and feel
  • A user-centered design approach that emphasizes utility, social sharing and client-brand relationships
  • Impactful presentation of the different campaigns and content pieces
  • A digital experience that works as a reflection and extension of New York Festivals brand, where Art Deco meets Modern Chic
  • A site experience that breathes the prestigious quality of the industry and one that can attract high-level submissions

Since we built this as a responsive site, it provided a way to build once, make tweaks, and deploy for many screen sizes, without having to develop for each mobile/tablet platform (iOS vs Android vs Windows 8 vs Blackberry), and all of their screen size and resolution permutations. In order to improve and make the content management efforts of their team more efficient Studio Lekker built the new site through a custom CMS that:

  • Empower the content teams to customize the content on the site, but maintain a consistent design system
  • Scale accordingly as the business grows or needs for new functionality arise
  • Provide NYF's team templates to model additional pages

The CMS was built in a Python/Django technology stack. This combination proves extremely effective at delivering a high-performing product that’s flexible enough to meet all of the various business needs.

Work Samples