Behind Lekker

Digital Change

Daunted By Digital?
Don’t Be.

In an ever-expanding universe of websites, mobile apps and social networks we are a next-generation agency that helps clients connect the dots in a multi channel world.

With so many new and emerging media channels surfacing every day, staying ahead of the curve is key to successfully connecting with consumers. We keep it real by creating human-centric solutions that meaningfully harness the power of a brand.

We achieve this by creating synergy between strategy, UX, design and technology. It’s simply what makes a more powerful digital experience that delivers solid results.

How We Do What We Do

  1. 1

    Strategically Driven

    We don’t assign "strategy" to a department. It’s at the core of everything we do. We start by diving deep into our clients’ businesses to unearth a gem of an insight. From there we craft a creative idea that can live anywhere. That’s because today an integrated approach to digital marketing is the only approach. It’s essential to the development of consistent, effective communications that align and resonate across all channels.

  2. 2

    User Savvy

    The primary goal of information architecture is to make the complex clear and ensure that a user’s path to information is as effortlessly enjoyable as possible. To that end, our UX process always begins with an immersive exploration of the target audiences’ user experience. We evaluate their motivations, frustrations, expectations and requirements to create and devise the most customized and innovative user experience possible.

  3. 3

    Design Loving

    Design elevates. Design inspires. Design connects people emotionally with products. It’s not enough for a product or brand communication to be designed beautifully. So at Lekker we believe every idea must combine beauty with brains. It’s the only way to capture and convince people in increasingly crowded categories.

  4. 4

    Tech Obsessed

    Today we have more media options than ever before. Not only is Lekker up to speed with the latest technologies, we are experts at choosing and using them with optimum results. We see technology strategy as being just as creative as well, um, the creative. We’re excited and inspired by the fresh, engaging platforms available to bring a story to life. We’re interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Admit it, you’re intrigued.

  • The Founder / Creative Director

    Tony Thijssen

    Tony Thijssen

    At the corner-stone of Studio Lekker is Tony Thijssen – a creative director with best-in-class digital media experience. He began his interactive career at Ogilvy Interactive before making the jump to Razorfish where he worked on some of the world’s best-known brands.

    Restless to create new and even more exciting experiences, Tony started Studio Lekker. Keenly focused on conveying the core idea of a brand, Tony’s leadership has built a company that combines marketing strategy and cutting edge technology with a unique creative voice.

  • His Left-Hand And Advisor


    The Parrot

    Sure we take our clients seriously, but ourselves? Not so much. Our muse and mascot is a parrot named Hemingway whose vocabulary extends to Knock Knock jokes and broken Dutch. And while we’re pretty good at growing business, growing rhododendrons is a definite fail. When we’re not searching for the next Big Idea, we like to sit around listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts and blue-skying names for the yachts we’ll never own.